What Is A Unity Wedding Sand Ceremony?

Another way of showing the unity of a couple aside from the usual unity candle lighting ceremony is the unity sand ceremony or as some people may also call it as the wedding sand ceremony. There will be tapered candles that will be lit during the candle ceremony and the groom and the bride will light the candle of unity pillar together in order to commence their unity as one. Click this link here to see more information.

Using the unity sand when the couple will recite there unity is the same as lighting the candles but instead of the candle, you are now using the sand. The unity sand ceremony is now having an increase of popularity with a number of people because the sand will not only become an artwork for keepsake, but you will also be avoiding the issues that may arise when lighting the tapered candles especially when the event is held outside. The bride and groom will pour together the sand and just like a sand art, it would become a keepsake to remember of the event that happened.

The couple can then use the unity set as a decoration after the wedding that would be viewed as an artwork that holds all the beautiful memories during the most special event of their lives. Witness the best info that you will get about wedding sand ceremony at UnitySand.net.

You will have a large vase made of glass in addition to two glass style tubes or small vases in a unity sand set. During the start of the wedding ceremony, the mother of both the groom and the bride will go and fill each small glass tubes and set it down right next to the large glass vase. Normally the color of the sands will be white and another the other two will be the color of the theme of the wedding

The sand wedding ceremony

During the start of the wedding ceremony, the officiant will then pour the white colored sand in the large vase in order to show how important the faith of the groom and bride to their relationship is. Find out more info now about wedding sand ceremony at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/rev-laurie-sue-brockway/sand-ceremony-helps-blend_b_6544248.html.

Then the groom will start to pour his small portion of colored sand in the large glass vase.

The bride will follow and pour her own portion of colored sand in the main large vase after the groom.

The bride and groom will continue pouring their sand in intervals creating layers of sand. The bride and groom will pour the remaining colored sand simultaneously into the main large vase together when each of them will get close to the last drop of their sand in order to complete the unity ceremony.