How a Marriage Is Celebrated With a Unity Sand Ceremony?

A wedding ceremony is a symbol for couples showing that they will be committed with each other in all circumstances, for richer or poorer and for better or worse. When two people get married, it is a symbol for them becoming one which is the case with their families. In the wedding, there is involvement of children because they too take part when the two families are being united. One way in which children and all other family members can be honored is by involving them in a unity sand ceremony. During sand ceremonies, different colors of sand are poured in one vase and before that is done there is someone who explains the meaning of that. As the sand is being poured, the colors produce a blending effect as they blend with each other. When the unity sand ceremony is being concluded, the person officiating it will tell the families, and the couple that they should never be separated again just like the sand which has been poured in the vase cannot be separated.  Make yourself one of the luckiest person who learn about the wedding sand ceremony at

There are different styles of the vases that can be used and various sand colors that you can choose from and which can be used for unity sand ceremonies. For most religious weddings, the main vase used has some white sand poured into its base which is a symbol of the couple's faith which is where their marriage is based. For most couples, they prefer using their favorite colors while some other couples match with the colors of their wedding theme or wedding decorations. Preparation for the unity sand ceremony is done by getting a large vase and smaller vases for all the people who are expected to participate in it. The symbol of unity can be personalized by engraving the couple's monogram and the date for the wedding on the ceremony vase. Colors may be chosen as one would prefer but having colors which are contrasting will give you the best results.  Be more curious about the information that we will give about wedding sand ceremony.

The vase is then moved to the cake table after the wedding is over which complements the display of the wedding cake perfectly. It is always important for you to have some rehearsals for the unity sand ceremony at least once before the actual wedding day. You can do this by filling the large vase to where you would like the sand to reach preferably using one colored sand. You should then divide the sand between the small vases which will be used by the people who will be participating. Each person should then practice pouring the sand into the larger vase and ensure that you follow the right order and check the approximate time that will be used. Seek more info about wedding sand ceremony at